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cellularsolution 28-05-16 07:23 PM

Universal Android Tools Version 20140016 (FREE ) + "Key Generator Free Read more: ht
Universal android tools version 20140016(free), (by U.A.T. Team)

Good and Complete Tool, Last version for many Brand, Option itc...

Tool are Posting with:

- Main .exe
- Patch Key
- Key Generator

Procedure Install:
1) is "THEMIDA" protect No Virus, so Close you AV and put In "Exclusion List" when installed, (who not know what's "THEMIDA" please use Google Search.
2) Launch first Main.exe , (file more big size in Principal directory), usually is C:
3) Launch "Patch Key" that go to replace the Main.exe in same directory
4) Open from "Icon Desktop" the Tools and you see only you "HW-ID",
5) Copy/Paste this "HW-ID" in "Key Generator and have you "full activacion string"
6) Paste this "String" in "Serial Number" and click "Activate"
7) Enjoy with you new game

Here Some photo for Install:

-Here after have done from point 1 to 4 of above guide


Point 5, Get "Serial Number" from "Key Generator"


And here after have "Paste" you "Serial Number" and clicked in "Activate, are Registered


Enjoy and explore all tools and all option, now are "Full Registered"



1) Run as Admin always
2) Full tested now, if have Error, make Sure that have Done all Above Steps, "AV in Exclusion List", Run as Admin, Not change only one step, if not are good to install Not use, is time lost.

Now are Happy with you new Toy and Not forgot of Use Only Thanks Button, any Thanks Post.

darkmagician839 29-05-16 01:24 AM

Re: Universal Android Tools Version 20140016 (FREE ) + "Key Generator Free Read more
error when i run the Gen Key

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