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DeNovo 26-02-11 03:38 PM

Forum Moderator Needed

We have recently added some moderators to the dhakamobile forums on the site.
Please read the following carefully. If you don't fit all of these , PLEASE dont post send me a PM asking to be a moderator anyway,

For the following section....

if You Feel You Can Help Our Members, Maintain And Improve Our Site.. Then Here Is The Opportunity For You..

Have Some Knowledge Or Experience In The Section You Wish To Help And Can Help Our Member Whenever Possible And As Often As Possible To Maintain And Improve This Site.

Then Apply It Now Via Reply There And Tell Us:

  • Why You Wish To Become A Moderator.
  • What Knowledge/Experience/Qualities You Can Offer To The Forum.
  • Which Section You Wish To Help. ( Just One Moderator For One Section )
  • How Often You Could Moderate.
  • And Any Extra Information You Feel May Help .

Terms * Conditions :

The role of moderator would involve upholding our forum guidelines and rules/ policy.
  1. The member should be most active To Have The Ability To Continuously And Daily Presence At The Forum.
  2. Helping Members of the Forum, Especially Within The Section And Respond To Posts And Requests .
  3. Moderator Must have enough English knowledge and also product Knowledge
  4. Member Must be 100+ post and also 30+ useful post for the following section but who already mod for others forum then no need the post condition.
  5. Why you***8217;d like to be a moderator?


Our moderators rules are different now, once you become a trial mod you'll know. Plase make sure to meet our standards......

To apply for the role, you will need to visit the site (www.Dhakamobile.com) and after registration (which is quick, free, easy and requires NO e-mail verification,) post a expressing an interest in a moderating position. i will get back to you with further information advising you where to go from there.

This application will Remain For 1 Month Only Starting From Today. All Successful Applicants Will Then Be Info With Their Details, Section And Further Relevant Information.TQ!

Best Regards,
Dhakamobile Support Team!

gsmbablu 02-03-11 03:49 PM

Re: Forum Moderator Needed
name-bablu rahaman
* User ID:-gsmbablu
* Applyed Post:moderator
* Your Requested Section :samsung
* male

JALTARANGA 03-03-11 01:46 PM

Re: Forum Moderator Needed
)''.*user ID-jaltaranga
* )''.Applyed Post:moderator
* )''.My Requested Section :samsung

mehedihassan 04-03-11 09:29 AM

Re: Forum Moderator Needed
)''.NAME:mehedi hassan
)''.*user ID-mehedihassan
* )''.Applyed Post:moderator
* )''.My Requested Section :Sony Ericsson

gsmjewel 04-03-11 11:43 AM

Re: Forum Moderator Needed

)''.*User Id-gsmjewel
* )''.Applyed Post:Moderator
* )''.My Requested Section :Sony Ericsson


GOLDEN A H SHARIF 04-03-11 11:52 AM

Re: Forum Moderator Needed
* Applyed Post:moderator
* MY Requested Section :Sony Ericsson


forid 04-03-11 01:06 PM

Re: Forum Moderator Needed
)''.NAME:Forid Uddin
)''.*user ID-foridu
* )''.Applyed Post:moderator
* )''.My Requested Section :samsung

GSM_sh@rif 04-03-11 06:43 PM

Re: Forum Moderator Needed
name:shariful islam
User ID:GSM_sh@rif
applied Post:moderator
my Requested Section :Sony Ericsson

mehedihassan 05-03-11 02:30 PM

Re: Forum Moderator Needed
)''.NAME:mehedi hassan
)''.*user ID-mehedihassan
* )''.Applyed Post:moderator
* )''.My Requested Section :Sony Ericsson

..::Gsmideazone::.. 05-03-11 03:32 PM

Re: Forum Moderator Needed
)''.NAME:md.shariful islam
)''.*user ID-roni2000
* )''.Applyed Post:moderator
* )''.My Requested Section :samsung

if admin give me chance i will try to work hard.

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