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Default LG u300,u310,u250,u450,u970,cu720 video manual

Language change in LG U250,U250C,U300,U300C,U310,U310C,U370,U370C,U370W, U450,U450C,U830,U830C,U960,U970,U970C
KC910,HB620,HB620T,CB630,KB620,KF310,KF311,KF390,K F390Q,KF690,KF700,KF700Q,KF700GO,KU990,KU990MF,KU9 90GO,
KU990R,KE990,KE990D,KE998,KU250,KU380,KU385,KU450, KU730,KU950,KU960,KU970,U990,U990C,CU515,TU515,CU5 75,
TU575,CU720, TU720,CU320,CU400,MU515,MU550,CU405,KU310,KU311,KU 800,KU970,L600V,

Language change in LG manual


the description in manual:
the" files" bookmark- select the same flash that is in the phone and translate it into one of the languages that are available in the translator:
Arabic ,Bulgarian,Catalan,Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Eng lish,Estonian,Euskera,Farsi,Finnish,French,Gallego ,German,Greek,Hebrew,Tradchinese,
Hungarian,Indonesian,Italian,Kazakh,Korean,Latwian ,Lithuanian,Malay,Nederlands,Norwegian,Polish,Port uguese,Romanian,Russian,Serbian,Slovak,
Slovenian,Spanish,Swedish,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,V ietnamese
the bookmark"build"- write the translated language into the phone
the whole opertaion takes 3 minutes, the languages are ready to be written into, you don't have to change the software and be prone to damage the phone
at the same time


selected flash for edition is supposed to be of the same version that is in the phone

Benefits you get:
-language change in the phones where the change was impossible to be made and serviced by devices available on the market so far
-no software damages (BT,Imei,Refleshing,Unable mediafiles,dead phone , no problems with network coverage, damaged battery,damaged OTP
-impossibility of losing data from the phone
-speed and effectivity of working
-the only solution of this kind in gsm market
-possibility of writing your own languages
-creating the languages packages on customers demand

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