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Default Re: ATF First In The World Nokia Asha 501 (RM-902) Full Flashing.

Because of NOKIA's BUG in ASHA 501 version 10.0.2, there is a BIG Chance that your phone will think that you downgraded it even if you just want to Change the Language for the same MCU version.

This is because Nokia's engineers put a new RSA Signature for the PPM similar to what they did with ROFS in Symbian Releases. Now the MCU Firmware 10.0.2 reads the PPM version wrong by 1 index. Instead, it reads the SHA-1 HASH and not the actual MCU Version!

When you Scan Phone Info, you will see something like this:

Extended Phone Information
Product Serial Number: B3D48D1BI
Product Code : 059T1W3
Module Code : 0205341
Basic Production Code: 059P9V6
Long Production SN : 0
PPM SW Version : 483b68736dd20023eb7fdc7fb9c61ef13c677ddd
BT MCM Version : 0101-0.1.D
MCU SW Version : V 10.0.2 19-05-13 RM-902 (c) Nokia
HW Version : 4000
UPP Version : MFR:0xff,DEV:0xff1a,REV:0xf011
RFIC Version : Integrated to main ASIC
LCD Version : TPO
AHNE Version : 4
Variant Version : 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
TAHVO Version : RM-902-10.0.2-059T1W3-10.0.1-10.0.1
Wireless LAN ID : F4:F5:A5:2D:38:42
Bluetooth ID : F4:F5:A5:2A:2B:02
CS Type : GSM900, GSM1800

See PPM Version...
PPM SW Version : 483b68736dd20023eb7fdc7fb9c61ef13c677ddd

This is what I mean...

So be extra careful and always do "Scan Phone" before you flash the phone, so you will know what was the original PPM version inside the phone before you flashed it!

Maybe NOKIA will fix this BUG in the next Firmware Version...

But for now, you need to be extra careful about this phone!

What happens if MCU Firmware thinks that SHA-1 from the PPM is LOWER version that the original PPM ???

Simple,, PHONE = DEAD + WHITE SCREEN + USB NOT RECOGNIZED (Just like it was downgraded MCU version)

How do you fix this kind of problem?

Simple, Flash back original PPM (ROFS file) and phone will be OK again... Then try another PPM, maybe it will work.

Thank you for the BUGS in your Brand New ASHA 1.0 OS Nokia. We can always count on your for buggy firmwares.
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