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Universal Software Write here for questions about Universal GSM Software. Example: USPU, twinsim, sms-soft, drivers...

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Default F.A.Q About interface,cables type & communication.

This basic details help all new coming engineer in understanding interface cable type and communication work.

like we use ftdi base box,
like we use pl2303 base box,
like we use usb cables,
like we use onpcb usb adapter which use in modems.
like we use ufs,jaf etc

ftdi,pl2303 are chipset which allow usb to serial interface to us.
this make life fast and easy.
we all know com1 & com2 have so limitation of speed and sable working.
this type of chipset give new era to world, which made communication faster and safe.
this chipset base box make usb to serial interface so we can see USB TO SERIAL com port at device manager ports option.
that port can work upto 921600 depend on FTDI used.
this chip base box are always good option to use at time of working in gsm,cdma etc..

onpcb usb adapter & USB cables type are like usb pen drive or usb card reader which have usb male connector so you can plug direct to pc usb or usb hub.
same like we plug usb pen drive,memory stick etc.
usb is like plug and use but its work on driver.
so must check your device driver with vendor = company who made it.

ufs,jaf etc use special rj45 socket which need there own pinout.there are other box also which work on same pinout. normal ufs pinout we see in many box because of there are many ufs cables every one of us have.
if every one make there own pinout then there is problem with every time buy there own pinout cable.

in sort everything which help us to connect.

cables can be any type.
like usb
like rj45
like serial com cable

usb is just a type you can plug direct to pc usb point or usb hub.
its plug & play but need vendor driver to work. depend on device you are connection. best to check at vendor web or Google it.

rj45 is just a type its need interface to use cable.

serial com cable are direct cable which you have to plug in serial interface at pc com1 or com2

communication is mix of interface and cable type, in case you use wrong cable or wrong interface you can not communicate with device you want to do.

usb is type of communication
uart is type of communication

some device let communicate over usb at any mode but they are not enoth to do some operation so there should be some other interface.

some device work on only single interface which can be direct communicate to pc.

in sort communication = interface + cable type

some question and answers.

Q.what is best communication for my phone?
A. its best to check at official web many phones use special usb communication. but its depend on work type if you are related to gsm,cdma you must check which tool or software you are using for which work before selecting communication.

Q.for unlocking we need other cable and for flashing other why?
A. as i say before we have to totally depend on phones communication.if its allow some mode via usb we have to use usb.
if its allow some phone via uart we have to use uart.

Q.why rj45 cables are different in some box?
A. there are many type of rj45 but you must select what interface for your cables.
rj45 cable of ufs are different because its use rx tx vpp vbat gnd at different pin.
rj45 cable of uni box base pinout are different because its totally different pinout then ufs one.
there may be other box and rj45 but as i say before its totally depend on box/interface we use to communicate.

Q.what is combo cable?
A. combo is just and mix of 2 cable type. normally rj45 + usb we call combo.
there is ufs + mt box combo which use rj45 + rj50.

that's it for now may be update in future.
hope every one will add there ideas to make this better.
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