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Default !!! Distributors and Resellers !!!


Company name: SiRoYa (Worldwide) - Distributor
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971505582249
Website: http://siroya.org
Email: info@siroya.org
MSN: siroya@hotmail.com
ICQ: 176266002
Sonork: 100.58402
Skype: siroya

Company name: GPGIndustries - Distributor
City: Guangzhou
Country: China
Phone: 00862061810855
Fax: 00862061810858
Website: http://www.gpgindustries.com
Email: christophe@gpgindustries.com
MSN: christophe@gsmboutique.com
ICQ: 247983248
Sonork: 100.67372
Yahoo: gsmboutik
Skype: gsmboutique

Company name: TechMobile - Distributor
City: Lahore
Country: Pakistan
Phone: +923004646121
Email: tahir_akm@hotmail.com
MSN: tahir_akm@hotmail.com
ICQ: 464821666
Sonork: 100.78148
Yahoo: tahirakrm

Company name: GsmServer - Distributor
City: Hong
Country: Hong Kong
Phone: +85281713373
Fax: +85235868535
Website: http://www.gsmserver.com
Email: info@gsmserver.com
MSN: roland@gsmserver.com
ICQ: 220705240
Sonork: 100.1574142
Yahoo: george_gsmserver
Skype: gsmserver.com

Company name: MOBILEMASTERS - Distributor
Country: India
Phone: 0091-9811615306
Website: www.mobilemasters.org
Email: sales@mobilemasters.org
MSN: honeymidha@hotmail.com
ICQ: 201958478
Sonork: 100.64344
Yahoo: honey_midha@yahoo.com
Skype: honeymidha

Company name: BestnCheap - Distributor
City: Pekanbaru
Country: Indonesia
Phone: +6281537558889
Website: www.bestncheap.net
Email: admin@bestncheap.net
MSN: bestncheap@yahoo.com
ICQ: 494345998
Sonork: 100.114277
Yahoo: bestncheapdotnet@yahoo.com
Skype: bestncheap

Company name: MobileLab - Distributor
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971508724164
Website: www.gsmflasher.com
Email: support@gsmflasher.com
MSN: zuby8@hotmail.com
ICQ: 230518986
Sonork: 100.81230


Company name: GSMBoutique - Reseller
City: Paris
Country: France
Phone: +33147001644
Fax: +33147001646
Website: http://www.gsmboutique.com
Email: christophe@gsmboutique.com
MSN: christophe@gsmboutique.com
Sonork: 100.372
Yahoo: gsmboutik

City: Jenin
Country: Israel
Phone: +972599671442
Fax: +97242516747
Email: yasernairat@live.com
MSN: yasernairat@live.com
ICQ: 369717592
Sonork: :100.106791

Company name: GSM-HUB - Reseller
City: kiev
Country: Ukraine
Phone: +380934988650
Email: escdma@gmail.com

Company name: JUSTINCEL - Reseller
Country: Colombia
Phone: +573006129661
Email: justincel@hotmail.com

Company name: GSM[baza] - Reseller
City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Phone: +7(925)506-37-77
Website: http://www.gsmbaza.ru
Email: zakaz@gsmbaza.ru
ICQ: 208675271

Company name: Fonefunshop - Reseller
City: Sheffield
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Phone: 01142437800
Fax: 08715227080
Website: www.fonefunshop.co.uk
Email: mick@fonefunshop.co.uk
MSN: sales@fonefunshop.co.uk
ICQ: 30568563
Sonork: 100:77458
Skype: fonefunshop

Company name: Planet - Reseller
Country: Italy
Phone: +39
Fax: +39
Website: www.planet-telephone.com
Email: info@planet-telephone.com
MSN: info@planet-telephone.com
ICQ: 164343559
Sonork: 100.76993
Skype: savino14

Company name: GSMOK - Reseller
City: Warszawa
Country: Poland
Phone: +48
Fax: +48
Website: www.gsmok.com
Email: shop@gsmok.com
ICQ: 245-760-343
Sonork: 100.90731
Skype: gsmok_sales

Company name: Moosani - Reseller
City: karachi
Country: Pakistan
Phone: 923002246004
Website: www.gsmme.com
Email: a_moosani@hotmail.com
MSN: a_moosani
ICQ: 111960693
Sonork: 100.109690

Company name: Foneclinic - Reseller
City: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Phone: +61419090490
Website: www.foneclinic.com.au
Email: support@foneclinic.com.au
MSN: imeimate@hotmail.com
ICQ: 253525644
Sonork: 100.103891

Company name: Yaseen Electronics - Reseller
Country: Pakistan
Phone: +923002109702
Website: www.yaseenelectronics.com
Email: callyaseen@hotmail.com
MSN: callyaseen@hotmail.com
Sonork: 100.109417
Yahoo: callyaseen
Skype: callyaseen

More to come
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Old 25-03-09, 03:04 AM   #2
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Default Re: !!! Distributors and Resellers !!!

Company name: Mobilchips - Reseller
Country: Belarus
Phone: +375296484029
Website: www.mobilchips.com
Email: info@mobilchips.com
ICQ: 306171601

Company name: Panjong Online Services - Reseller
City: San Miguel
Country: Philippines
Phone: 0639275544666
Website: www.code-unlock.com
Email: gsmdecoder@gmail.com
ICQ: 405782830
Sonork: 100.1574907
Yahoo: Panjong@ymail.com

Company name: 79mobile-shop - Reseller
City: Pattaya
Country: Thailand
Phone: +66817015351,+66831152522
Website: www.79mobile-shop.biz
Email: kaen_chai@hotmail.com
MSN: kaen_chai@hotmail.com
Sonork: 114011

City: CEBU
Country: Philippines
Phone: +639189911200
Fax: +63322531989
Website: www.gsmtools.net
Email: infinity@gsmtools.net
MSN: infinity@gsmtools.net
ICQ: 65197800
Sonork: 100.38994
Yahoo: livewirecebu
Skype: livewirecebu 4
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Default Re: !!! Distributors and Resellers !!!

Company name: DREAMS - Reseller
City: Dhaka,
Country: Bangladesh
Website: .:: Welcome to the DREAMSUNLOCK ::.
Email: info@dreamsgsm.com
MSN: Jhon_dreams@hotmail,com
ICQ: 494144338
Sonork: 100.1577334
Yahoo: jhon_dreams
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