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update. KK Sl3 Coud Server Beta Ver2 released !

KK Ver 3.08 BETA released:

- Added: SL3 cloud computing(require main cloud server)
- Added: SL3 new *.sha and *.cod MxKey format
- Added: Huawei E173(wihthout customized FW)

KK Ver 3.08 exe

SL3 cloud server


START - run/stop server activity
LOAD DB/SAVE DB - load/save database from/to file
CLEAR DB - clear database in server
READ LOG - read log files with IMEI and HASH


** DEBUG **

in debug will be displayed remote connections to server etc


** Database **

!New record or edited record must be ALWAYS confirmed by ENTER key!
!Used record is marked as RED and cannot be modified
!Selected record is marked as CYAN (will mask RED used record when actually selected)

ID - unique ID of record
FINISHED - indicator of finished record(SL3 value found or not)
IN_USE - indicator of already used record
IMEI - IMEI number to store
HASH - HASH value to store
START_DT - First access record date/time.
STOP_DT - end record date/time(when SL3 Value is found or not)
MAIL - email address to send result and cod files(not finished yet)
NOTES - user notes



- Copy license file to directory with server application
- Start server application
- If is first time when you run it, then server must be configured(notification will be displayed)
- Go to *quot;SETTINGS*quot; page and set:

1) Port - choice any port which do not collide with any port used in system and is in range 1024-65535
2) Access Password - set password to protect access to server(empty password = everyone can access). Password will be required for every calculating computer
Password is hidden, you can always unhide it by mark *quot;unhide*quot; checkbox. Select strong password or use build in generator - *quot;generate random*quot;
3) Click *quot;Save settings*quot;

Server is configured and ready to write data to database.

ps. mail confirmation is not finished yet

1. Used record is marked as RED and cannot be modified.
2. Selected record is marked as CYAN (will mask RED used record when actually selected) .
3. Every changes in record must be confirmed with ENTER key. New record will get unique ID.
4. New or modified record will be confirmed by information at bottom bar if all values are correct.
5. Record without all correct data will not be stored(no information at bottom bar).
6. By set used record as UNFINISHED, will clear all information about progress, however record will be marked as
FOUND if any of remote computers which still calculating will find SL3 Value.
7. If any of remote computer will disconnect accidentially, server will NOT cancel used part byself

For all who start in same PC KK Software and cloud server:

- start first kk sl3 cloud server and wait for license reading
- next start kk exe

Best Regards ! GSMinfo !
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