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Lights 1 [P920/5] [SU760] Resurrection Guide (Lets get those brick's fixed...)

Original Thread:
[I]This guide will repair most of P920/SU760 devices that have been flashed with wrong ROM packages and cannot enter DOWNLOAD MODE anymore.

If something doesn't work for you make a post describing exactly what you did , your phone model and your operating system.
Before making pointless posts READ THE GUIDE.
If you don't know how to make one of the recovery programs work READ THEIR GUIDE .
You can find links in the end of this post.


This guide requires that you have installed correct LG DRIVERS and you have a working NORMAL LG USB CABLE also you need to do this with a good battery.
You will need to download the following tools.

 WKPARKS omap4boot port of SU760/SU870 + u-boot port of SU760/SU870 from here

 LGFlashTool(for LGFLASHTOOL Installation guide read this )

 P920 users should use BOOTV21E.RAR FROM HERE 
 (BOOTV21E has all necessary partitions to FULLY REPAIR your P920 with V21E ROM files including CWM TOUCH RECOVERY)

 SU760 users should use SU760V10GROM.zip FROM HERE

Before you start READ THE GUIDE once so you can understand it and then proceed with repair.


Install LGflashtool (also copy/paste crack)
P920 users should run LG FlashTool and load BOOTV21E_AP.bin (ONLY THE AP.BIN FILE) and keep it open but NOT ready for flashing.
SU760 users should run LG FlashTool and load SU760V10GROM (ONLY THE AP.BIN FILE) and keep it open but NOT ready for flashing.

Step 2.

Extract WKPARKS omap4boot and follow installation steps:

Install OMAP4430 USB driver
If you plug your Phone on PC without battery,  OMAP4430 device  appeared for seconds and then disappeared in your  Windows Device Manager
 (check arsen4oo photo guide in post #3)

 On windows 7 sometimes OMAP4430 flashes too fast so you cant install driver.
 There is a a windows feature that will help you install the driver easier.
 To view devices that were once installed but are no longer attached to   the computer, open a Command Prompt window using the Run As   Administrator option and enter the command: 
 Then, from the same command prompt, type devmgmt.msc to open Device   Manager. Choose View, Show Hidden Devices. The new instance of Device   Manager will show “ghosted” entries for devices that were once present.   This technique is especially useful for fixing problems caused by   leftover drivers after replacing a network card or video card—you can   easily delete the ghosted device or update the OMAP4430 driver.  
After driver installation ends remove usb cable BUT keep windows device manager open.

Step 3. Run start_fastboot.bat and select option 2

Step 4. Pull out battery

Step 5. Hold Vol+

Step 6. Connect USB cable, the usbboot will start

Step 7. Insert battery while the usbboot is waiting

Step 8. Script tells you to remove cable but i dont think it's necessary in this version

Step 9. Release Vol+ and look in your Windows Device manager
If everything worked ok your phone got recognised and now you are in downoad mode.

Step 10. Change LG USB Serial Port according to LG FlashTool Guide to port 41.

Step 11. Remove cable and battery from P920/SU760

Step 12. Set LG FlashTool ready for flashing.

Step 13. Run Steps 3-9 again and you will see your phone being flashed from LG FlashTool.
It will be stopped at 26-30% because phone will turn off on its own BUT the next time you try to enter NORMAL DOWNLOAD MODE it will be available again.

Step 14. Set LG FlashTool ready to flash your P920 with BOOTV21E_AP.bin again.
SU760 users should use SU760V10GROM bin .

Step 15. Put your phone in DOWNLOAD MODE without using omap4boot this time.

Step 16. LG FlashTool will recognise the phone and flash it completely this time.
P920 after reboot will go to CWM. You can flash your personal backup or reboot to STOCK V21E.

Step 17. After repairing your P920/SU760 YOU PROBABLY HAVE TO FIX YOUR IMEI...(and maybe your wifi mac address) follow these steps:
Originally Posted by josuelopezv
Restoring IMEI
1.Connect phone by USB
2.Activate USB debug mode
3.Enter 3845#*920# in dialer if that doesn’t work try 3845#*925# or 3845#*720# if device is SU760
4.Select Port Settings -> Select CP Image Download
5.A new device should appear at let it install
6.Open Tutty (or hyperterminal) and select serial protocol. Click on open
7.Type AT if response is not OK, change port number (it is possible that when typing you don’t see any letters)
8.Type at%imei, it should display a dummy IMEI
9.Type at%imei=x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x where x,x,x... is your orginal IMEI number (found under the battery of your phone). It should response IMEI WRITE OK
10.Reboot phone

If you don't understand how to do this read this thread [GUIDE] Unlock Phone / Recover IMEI

Extra Step for P920 User's
After procedure ends use the rebooter utility and select option 2 like below..
Info:  This utility will not work if you don't have Omap Drivers  installed   Select task:  1. Flash ICS FastbootLoaders+Recovery  2.  Flash V21E Loaders+Recovery  x. Exit   ----------------------------------------  Please select 1,2 or exit(x):   2   Ready to Flash V21E+recovery  waiting for OMAP44xx device...   Device descriptor:         bLength            = 18          bDescriptorType    = 1         bcdUSB             = 528          bDeviceClass       = 255         bDeviceSubClass    = 255          bDeviceProtocol    = 255         bMaxPacketSize0    = 64          idVendor           = 451         idProduct          = D00F          bcdDevice          = 0         iManufacturer      = 33         iProduct            = 37         iSerialNumber      = 0         bNumConfigurations  = 1 reading ASIC ID usb_write 4 usb_read 81  [*] read 0 bytes  NumOfSubblocks: 0x5 Subblock ID: 0x1 Subblock Size: 0x5 CH enabled: 0x7  ROM revision: 0x3 Checksum Subblock: 0x15 CHIP: 4430 IDEN:  40a11fbe08c36fb34f6a113fc2516c63395c7947 MPKH:  5f4092eccddf90fa43f546adf89508b31b9c74795e9516194c  0ea6412fdcb7f6 CRC0:  0983f41c CRC1: 139c4f4f sending 2ndstage to target... f0030002  usb_write 4 usb_write 4  wait 5-seconds...   [*] msg size = 4 usb_write  21504  [*] data size = 21504 usb_close  Reopen usb...   Device  descriptor:         bLength            = 18         bDescriptorType    =  1         bcdUSB             = 528         bDeviceClass       = 255          bDeviceSubClass    = 255         bDeviceProtocol    = 255          bMaxPacketSize0    = 64         idVendor           = 451          idProduct          = D00F         bcdDevice          = 0          iManufacturer      = 33         iProduct           = 37          iSerialNumber      = 0         bNumConfigurations = 1 waiting for  2ndstage response... usb_read 4 usb read = aabbccdd accepted 2ndstage  response sending image to target... size = 232512 usb_write 4 usb_write  232512  ** Done ** < waiting for device > sending 'recovery' (5854  KB)... OKAY [  3.012s] writing 'recovery'... OKAY [  1.230s] finished.  total time: 4.252s sending 'u-boot' (512 KB)... OKAY [  0.268s] writing  'u-boot'... OKAY [  0.355s] finished. total time: 0.627s sending  'x-loader' (128 KB)... OKAY [  0.070s] writing 'x-loader'... OKAY [   0.051s] finished. total time: 0.127s     Loaders have been flashed.   Your P920 is ready to boot into GB again. Reboot.   Microsoft Windows  [Version 6.1.7600] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights  reserved.
GOOD LUCK and lets get those bricks fixed.


If you get this screen on P920/SU760 you are in FASTBOOT MODE.

If you get messages like this you probably have a BAD CABLE.

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