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new1.gif Xiaomi Mi Pad 1 [WCDMA] Fastboot and Recovery Firmware

Xiaomi Mi Pad [WCDMA] Fastboot and Recovery Firmware

Source: Xioami

Xiaomi Mi Pad MIUI Developer Version (Recover

nROM Versio Size MD5
Mi Pad 4.10.10(4.4) 279M 6d0d6ad8a4145c5ddc493e7edb2b4697

Mi Pad 4.9.26(4.4 280M 871bd91f2a42a481aff47f6ac9908dde

Mi Pad 4.9.19(4.4) 278M 9b764b6d01c2e7f007a676ed5c7200f1

Mi Pad 4.8.22(4.4) 268M 62ca376bd61a9cc87e3d2c15b72cfeee

Mi Pad 4.8.15(4.4) 268M 5e77c650ac6376bd18026b96c690e9c2

Mi Pad 4.8.8(4.4) 267M bf2defeb7f7ea8544f21b41c9fc0a3f0

Mi Pad 4.8.1(4.4) 267M b2abf8f57c1ed94f40fb99692734bae5

Mi Pad 4.7.25(4.4) 270M a00758288ae8ca6dc09b8a4dcb218dc4

Mi Pad 4.7.18(4.4) 267M 283278a73eee118be055cadef091799a

Mi Pad 4.7.11(4.4) 303M 22213c8318b2d5899c5a1ca2dfce5b26

Mi Pad 4.7.4(4.4) 302M 2d1288a452429d296f23f08d33f8e7f4

Mi Pad 4.6.27(4.4) 304M 6d6cbf0b3cd531e21f864a296dddacb3

Mi Pad 4.6.20(4.4) 303M 24a41cfae5501373db545f18f3ccf60d

Mi Pad 4.6.13(4.4) 302M c157f00373106de9ed77f5a843bc15c8

Mi Pad 4.6.6(4.4) 304M bdb188f5235ed47f5032c5d35d69ee24

Xiaomi Mi Pad MIUI Stable Version (Recovery)

ROM Version Size MD5

Mi Pad KXFCNBF11.0 (4.4) 304M b104d13e77ba8bd0daac71b00f48e506

Mi Pad KXFCNBF9.0 (4.4) 304M 4754681e3c8e70a7fe2d502c76aae277

Mi Pad KXFCNBF5.0 (4.4) 304M 88b0de781ef57e76988e8266f7ecbcd8

Mi Pad KXFCNBF4.0 (4.4) 304M 5076eb5979fa973da696edc53ee2c79d

Mi Pad KXFCNBF3.0 (4.4) 304M 03ef9d828eff760d3943b5d7ecf9466c

Mi Pad KXFCNBF2.0 (4.4) 304M 65170fd77364ce1c450ebfd4b2da0c6f

Xiaomi Mi Pad Developer Version (Fastboot)

ROM Version Size MD5

Mi Pad 4.10.10 fastboot(4.4) 393M 9ae63772db733bce2589aa19d8522635

Mi Pad 4.9.26 fastboot(4.4) 393M 9b7b3a7b58c4769d0923a882d952ffd0

Mi Pad 4.9.19 fastboot(4.4) 289M 709c402a410cfdefc5cbf5504462363c

Mi Pad 4.8.22 fastboot(4.4) 421M 83afeedf94e0d8b45c433435da138f2d

Mi Pad 4.8.15 fastboot(4.4) 421M 4c3a4919e0811288f108c9960043ca43

Mi Pad 4.8.8 fastboot(4.4) 420M 48c9d2bf0699972a70caafb040eb65e8

Mi Pad 4.8.1 fastboot(4.4) 420M e47bead3cb1f9e30cc823495fc31433f

Mi Pad 4.7.25 fastboot(4.4) 401M 0a583ee1a880cb9cdae223469b33c020

Mi Pad 4.7.18 fastboot(4.4) 399M 3b3bb42ca1a46d81a298d1192381cfae

Mi Pad 4.7.11 fastboot(4.4) 433M daf9ae10138ab76811f8fe0729fbd145

Mi Pad 4.7.4 fastboot(4.4) 432M 1110b7cbf9e93739cb445b27a608718f

Mi Pad 4.6.27 fastboot(4.4) 434M e1e6d31f30b2e74835a04ada6d840f83

Mi Pad 4.6.20 fastboot(4.4) 433M 552f02d115a6c6c488b6a24688360663

Mi Pad 4.6.13 fastboot(4.4) 433M 1418e894c785c350b86a2b4225cb04db

Mi Pad 4.6.6 fastboot(4.4) 381M 095ce8d0a90f648c9fa1bcaef1d733e1

Xiaomi Mi Pad MIUI Stable Version (Fastboot)

ROM Version Size MD5

KXFCNBF11.0 fastboot(4.4) 425M d7a373c9afed8d0d4c013efa1a95fdf2

KXFCNBF9.0 fastboot(4.4) 425M 2bb6578611e2414edd8e51017b7f35c1

KXFCNBF5.0 fastboot(4.4) 455M 8bc513f8d156fee8ab20b4d628b317d7

KXFCNBF4.0 fastboot(4.4) 455M 6946f05cba689674489b9674ef751362

KXFCNBF3.0 Fastboot (4.4) 434M 9459fe236ffbf765e146b21722e326a0

KXFCNBF2.0 Fastboot (4.4) 433M ba2301fdf75f1ea034d18fe223e6fbea

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