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Default PolarBox Update v301, more info inside !!! [13-08-2012]

PolarBox Update v301 [13-08-2012]
Posted by PolarTeam on Aug 13 2012

Hi to all.
This is our latest update for our community :

Polar Suite Update v3.0.1
Panda Suite Update v1.6.0
SAT Tool Update v1.4.3

Official website (update v301) : PolarBox Update v301 [13-08-2012]

Alcatel phones (MTK platform)

Alcatel OT-132 World first flashing !! Alcatel OT-228 World first flashing !! Alcatel OT-232 World first flashing !! Alcatel OT-296 World first flashing !! Alcatel OT-297 World first flashing !!
[+] Read Codes functions added for this models
[+] Full extended READ CODES (5 levels added)
[+] TOTALLY all providers supported !!
[+] Write function (Firmware, Language and Eeprom backup) WORLD FIRST !!
[+] Change language (via Flashing) WORLD FIRST !!
[+] Repair function (via Flashing) WORLD FIRST !!
[+] Reset Usercode (via Flashing or Format FFS)
[+] Working with baudrate up to 921.600bds

Alcatel OT-214W
[+] Read Codes functions added for this models
[+] Full extended READ CODES (5 levels added)
[+] TOTALLY all providers supported !!
[+] Write function (Firmware, Language and Eeprom backup)
[+] Change language (via Flashing)
[+] Repair function (via Flashing)
[+] Reset Usercode (via Flashing)
[+] Working with baudrate up to 921.600bds

Alcatel OT-228D
[+] Read Codes functions added for this models
[+] Full extended READ CODES (6 levels added)

Alcatel Calculations (database)

[+] As usual, we upgraded our SRO database
[+] Now polarbox supports 20.811 SROs (before was 20.350), so this means all supported.

Another features :

[+] Fixed problem in Vodafone 155 calculations (alcatel based model)
[+] Added +29 Alcatel firmwares to official support area (available for users)

132a_ALMX1_912_Firmware(EN_ES_FR_PT_IT).zip 132x_ALEU1_912_Firmware(EN_FR_ES_IT_DE).zip 228x_ALGB1_42E_Firmware(EN_FR_ES_IT_DE).zip 228x_ALNL1_42E_Firmware(EN_FR_DE_NE_TUR).zip 232a_ALMX1_815_Firmware(EN_ES_FR_PT_IT).zip 232x_ALEU1_815_Firmware(EN_FR_ES_IT_DE).zip 297a_TLMX1_771_Firmware(EN_ES_FR_PT_IT).zip 319x_RGES3_N23_Firmware(EN_ES_GAL_BAS_CAT).zip 319x_RGFR3_N23_Firmware(EN_FR_ES_IT_DE).zip 322x_RGRO1_M20_Firmware(EN_IT_DE_HU_RO).zip 358a_ALMX1_J3B_Firmware(EN_ES_FR_PT_IT).zip 358x_ALGB1_J3B_Firmware(EN_FR_ES_IT_DE).zip 385Dx_ALGH1_F3A_Firmware().zip 385Dx_ALIT1_F3A_Firmware(EN_FR_ES_IT_DE).zip 385Dx_ALKE1_F3A_Firmware().zip 385Dx_ALLK1_F3A_Firmware().zip 385Dx_ALRS1_F3A_Firmware().zip 595x_ALES1_M2B_Firmware(EN_ES_GAL_BAS_CAT).zip 595x_ALGH1_M2B_Firmware().zip 720x_ALDZ1_O60_Firmware()(Numonyx_Flash).zip 720x_ALDZ1_O60_Firmware()(Samsung_Flash).zip 720x_ALES1_O60_Firmware(EN_ES_GAL_BAS_CAT)(Numonyx _Flash).zip 720x_ALES1_O60_Firmware(EN_ES_GAL_BAS_CAT)(Samsung _Flash).zip 720x_ALGH1_O60_Firmware()(Numonyx_Flash).zip 720x_ALGH1_O60_Firmware()(Samsung_Flash).zip 720x_ALRU1_O60_Firmware(EN_DE_RU_BUL_UKR)(Numonyx_ Flash).zip 720x_ALRU1_O60_Firmware(EN_DE_RU_BUL_UKR)(Samsung_ Flash).zip 720x_ALUA1_O60_Firmware(EN_DE_RU_BUL_UKR)(Numonyx_ Flash).zip 720x_ALUA1_O60_Firmware(EN_DE_RU_BUL_UKR)(Samsung_ Flash).zip

Samsung phones (Android platform)

Samsung i8160 (Galaxy Ace 2)
[+] Added REPAIR IMEI function

Another features :

[+] Added support for 2 firmware version of Samsung S5830 and variants
[+] Added support for 1 firmware version of Samsung i9001
[+] Fixed problem in Samsung A401 B460 J400 J700 (improved connection)

Blackberry phones (RIM platform)

MEP-26490-001 MEP-27559-001 MEP-27561-001
[+] Added more HOT new MEPs for users (year 2012) !!
[+] For sure, all meps supported actually (best and easy BB code reader)
[+] Process as usual, needs internet connection

Another phones added (Pantech, ZTE, etc ...)

Pantech PS700 Pantech PW6010 Pantech PW8000s Pantech WP8990
[+] Added CODES CALCULATION function (unlock)
[+] All firmware versions supported (fast and secure)

ZTE S505
[+] Added UNLOCK function (via code calculation)
[+] Added REPAIR IMEI function
[+] Added READ FLASH function

[+] Added support for new ALCOR drivers (for prevent problems with other boxes)

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

[ Polar Team ]
[ Http://www.polarbox2.net ]
[ Http://www.polarbox3.com ]
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