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What is simcloning all about???

What is simcloning all about???

What is the Multi SIM?

It is a new concept in GSM telephony. A SIM that supports up to 16 phone numbers from the same or different mobile operators. Thus you can have a single SIM with different numbers, you can choose from without the need of opening the phone and changing the SIM every time you want to use a different phone number.

Will all phone numbers work at the same time?

No, you can use only one phone number at a time. However, you can use call forwarding to forward calls from other numbers to the active number (from same service and you will pay for the purpose), so that no matter what number people are calling, you will never miss your calls.

Then how does it work?

Special software is programmed into the Multi SIM. When you will do switch on with or without a pin code, a new menu option will show up in the phone, from there you can change the active number through “Sel.Phone#” menu in most mobile sets, and through “Reset” menu in some mobile sets with the PIN number of the new phone number, which you want to make active for receiving and making calls at any time. Of course, to be able to do this, you must have a different PIN to each phone number you store in the Multi SIM. (The Multi SIM comes with no preset phone numbers from factory).

Does the Multi SIM provide the same functions as my current SIM?

Yes, it does. You will have different PIN numbers, PUK numbers and SMS center for each phone number you store in the Multi SIM. You can store up to 250 phone book entries and 99 SMS in the Multi SIM, just like in your current SIM. But, the menu of your original SIM will not be available.

What happen when two or more SIM cards with same number are in use?
(You should avoid from following acts because your Sim can be blocked)

Both phones can dial out but NOT in the same time.

Only the latest dialed out or powered on phone can receive call, the other phone will not ring.

If one phone is officially turned off (e.g. by switch off the power button), the other phone can't receives calls even though it's still power on, the other phone must make a call or switch off/on in order to make it can receive calls again.

What are the advantages of having a Multi SIM?

If you are using regularly more than one SIM card, this is the best solution. There is no need to change the SIM card for every call you wish to place. With the Multi SIM you will have all your numbers in a single SIM and will be able to choose which one you want to use for making or receiving calls. The Multi SIM is ideal for people who use more than one SIM in their mobile phone. National & International travelers, which wants to use different SIMs for the cities/countries they visit, users who have SIMs from different companies to take advantage of the cheapest rates.

Will it work with my GSM phone?

The Multi SIM has also successfully been tested with most currently available mobile phones, especially popular brands like Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel, Motorola, etc and all are compatible with this product.

What happen when my Original Sim will be blocked?

The same number in Multi SIM will also be blocked. You should do now again as previous.

How much time is required for the purpose?

The process occupies average half hour.


v During the process, original SIM can be spoil/damage and no any responsibility will be accepted in any case. (Receive new from the provider for an additional payment).

v If you will enter wrong PIN code 3 times, your SIM will be blocked. Now you should enter correct PUK code to re-set your PIN code, and if you will enter wrong PUK code 10 times, you will see message on your mobile screen INSERT SIM or some times SIM REJECTED, then your SIM has been damage permanently.

GSM launched before mid 2004 can be convert in Magic Sim but GSM after mid 2004 like Mega Phone (Russia), UMC (Ukrain), Paktel, Warid, Telenor (Pakistan) and Voda Phone (Italy) etc not possible up till now. But near future it can be possible
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Default New explanation

This will not be a guide of what sim cloning is, but since I am using this very nice piece of Software for years now, I will try to introduce it to you.

Sim Cloning means creating a copy of the Original Sim-card. Some of you might ask, what are the benefits of making a clone of your original Sim Card:

-Can I use both cards at the same time, so that I can have two phones at different locations?

=No. You can ONLY have one card active otherwise your Netwoek provider would notice 2 copies of the same Number and might deactivate your account. You should also consider, that some logical conclusions are made by the Network Providers like this: You can't be in France and few minutes later activate your Clone Card in Brazil. The Network Provider knows the Time that would be needed to travel from one place to the other one.

-If I have the original Simcard and the Clonecard active, would both telephones ring and can I receive SMS messages on both phones at the same time?

=No. Only one device would ring, more specificaly the telephone that replied first to the call by the Network. The same happens with the SMS's.

-Can I have more numbers than one in the same phone at the same time?

= Yes and No, the "Simemu-card" can store up to 10 different phonenumbers. But,...they will not be active at the same time. Only one number is registered to the Network Provider. The switching between the different numbers is done through a smart menuitem in your phone.

-How do I write on my simcard the other 9 numbers?

=You can NOT use your original simcard and make changes on that card to support more numbers. Instead you need to find a "Programmable Card" and copy the Firmware of the "SIMEMU" on it. These 'empty' programmable cards are called "Silver card" or "Green card" according to their Processor (CPU) and the Memory Capacity.

-What do I need to make a clone of my original card?

=That is not quite easy any more since most of the Original Sim cards are made "Copy Proof". This means that you are not able to read the necessary information out of them to use for your clone card. This procedure requires experiments with your Original Sim Card which might end into a destroyed Original Sim-Card. You will have to run a Software that will "brute force" the information out of your card, but the totally allowed read attempts are limited and will end up into a destroyed Card. Imagine the Hangman game with a Veeeery long word to guess

-Why would I want to make a clone of my card?

= There are many different opinions on that.
1) You can have a backup of your card in case you loose your phone
2) You can use the same Phonebook on all your numbers on the Sim in your cloned card.
3) You can have a spare phone in your car in case you would forget your phone at home. Just ask your wife, neighbor or dog to turn it off for you.
4) You can hide a second phone number from your wife without her knowledge
5) You can draw the attention of all your friends with new telephone devices although you appear with an old cheap one.
6) You can have different Network providers on the same clone *but only one will always be active.
7) You avoid destroying the contacs of your expensive phone due to card switching in case you need to change cards because you don't want to carry your P910 to your job.
8) You can ask your Brother, Dad or Friend to make a clone of a new card and send you the "Ki and IMSI" through E-mail or Telephone. You can enter this info into your phone by just typing it like a sms message.

there are many more reasons I can't think of right now.

-Is the card cloning expensive?

= You will need some equipment for the programming of the clone and the reading of the original card. And you will need an empty Pic card (Green or Silver). The whole equipment should cost you less or more 40 Euro, Remember, never give away your simcard to somebody else to do this task since he will keep a copy of your simcard. The only info he will need to write down are few numbers.

Hope this little info was enough to make you decide if you want to clone your card or not. Please remember also, this cloning procedure is not very new. You should first READ through the Forum and find similar questions with yours before starting a new thread. Make a search and go beyonf the 30 last messages limit

Good luck and happy cloning
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Rayhan Dhaka (12-09-14)
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Default Re: What is simcloning all about???

plz reqid sim reder wrighter
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Default sim cloning soft

click this link
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Default Re: What is simcloning all about???

its too expensive i think?
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Default Re: What is simcloning all about???

Good job ...............................................,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Default Re: What is simcloning all about???

bro pls link,,for sim cloning.
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about???, simcloning

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