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Lights 1 Tips & Trisck - ICERA FREE ? Yes / NOT ? ANSWER HERE!

Hi by All.

Many users ask me what happen ICERA CU Modems Unlocking now cost money ??? And earlier be free ?

Yes Dears! Now cost money ! Because free trial time hase Expired NOW !


If you want to get this free

- Free mean Mkey v7.0.3 software , wit free unlock ICERA CPU modems with old firmwares like MF192 almost , MF691 - like BD_MF691V1.0.0B03 FW and similar ..

You still have chance got it free!

For this you need not run in your mkey dongle new software , or if you run, then buy new dongle and activate with running Mkey version no more 7.0.3

This bug we still keep and not closed until new year of 2013


Also i try answer on next your question:

How to do if need unlock new MF691 or other modem like MF652 with latest Security ?

- Buy logs for LoginPlus
- Used new Mkey with FREE 100 LOGS!

I lose old unlimited After runing new exe ?

- Yes ofcourse.

When ICERAbe fullu unlimited and Free for All ?

- Already free , and new firmwares version added to free WHEN FOUND ANY COMPETITOR Who try do same !

Why always change rules and prices ?

- Because create soft cost time and money, exept hard workfor brain.

Are we not cheat users when aded free and after ask money ?

- Try think about we given trial, and after gift more features like FREE 200$ in forms of 100 logs what can be used for many closed feaures like SmartFlasher , and unlock new ICERA FW what not supported by old soft.

What features are Free and Not ?

- Old ICERA Modems Security is free UNLOCK by Mkey until v7.0.3
- If you used new EXE = you need used logs for All ICERA.
- New FW Versions can be unlocked by LOGS with Mkey sw 7.0.7 and more new (From defoult - We Gift 100 Free logs FOR ALL)
- All other features like Unlocking Al Another modems and Repair Network/CD/NVM = is Free and - FULL UNLIMITED & Standalone !

I'am Russian ?

- As not strange YES! I'am Russian man but till not understand why u ask me avbout this in English.

Have a more questions ?

- FREE ONLINE SUPPORT Still nor denied after End of the World 21.12.122 Sonork 100.69222 , Icq 333.414.824

Have many errors n English!

- So learn Great Russian, ir fix me, i say THANKS!!!!!!

B.R. Mkey - Modem Unlock Key !
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