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\icon14.gif Done - A2 EMPTY BOARD programming

Done - A2 EMPTY BOARD programming

Done - A2 EMPTY BOARD programming
Hello all,
I've done managed an A2 empty fill. Here i'd like to share the steps. Hope this will be usefull.
This phone has power chip damaged. Quick drained battery caused by short power chip (VERA)

1. Here is the phone with new VERA chip installed.

2. Unlock, setting : Signed Mode + Alt. Security Bypass

ignore the final error message.

3. Make an identify just to check it.

seems all OK, semc boot is now written.

4.Go to empty fill tab. write down desired imei. setting: none.
press FLASH

the program will end up like this, i don't know why. just ignore this error message, because..

,,,,,, don't worry.
IMEI programming is DONE anyway!

5. Last Step : do unlock and set final domain.

setting : Signed Mode + Alt. Security Bypass

just ignore those device key. confirmed by many friends, that is nothing to worry.



thank you the_laser.

Best Regards.
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Default Re: Done - A2 EMPTY BOARD programming

Nice share ,keep it up
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Default Done A2 EMPTY BOARD programming

Im thinking of getting an eprom programmer to mess w/ my probinator chip. Itd be easy to back stuff up so I couldnt screw things up, and I always have my old k8 chip which will work if need be. I should be able to flash a different version of the probinator for the probe/mx6 which would make things easy. Ive done a bit of reading up on this.

Its either this, or buy a kl85 or w/e ECU because I cant go MS yet. No time or money for the board and wideband Id need.

By the way, if you guys need to breake all captchas - I recommend this:
XEvil 4.0: best CAPTCHA's solver, included ReCaptcha-2!
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