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UPDATE V22 – iPhone 4S DIGI

Yet another FREE update for your GEVEY NO CUT working with latest software versions of iPhone 4S!
This update has been tested with 128K sim cards from DigiTel, DigiMobil and other new simcard models from
networks already supported by GEVEY AIO NO CUT.

This update should also work for other simmilar simcards and you should try it
if the previous V21 update was not working with your simcard.

Tip1: If Unlock Fail message appears then do a complete fresh restart of your iPhone 4S.
In many cases a fresh restart will solve the problem.

Tip2: If after a complete fresh restart you get the same ‘Unlock Fail’ message then adjust
your unlock delay to 35 (the default is 25) and try again.

How to do a complete fresh restart?

Close your iPhone, wait 3 seconds, power on and wait until the ‘No Sim message’ shows on the screen
then insert your GEVEY+SIMCARD.
Don’t insert your GEVEY+SIMCARD earlier!

The unlock procedure using UPDATE V22 (same like V21)

[COLOR="Lime"]1. Program your GEVEY using the correct IMSI, ICCID, GID1 and DELAY

1.1. IMSI – You need to program it using the IMSI of the original network
where you iPhone is locked. It is a good idea to read IMSI, ICCID and GID1
from your original simcard ( if you have that ) and use this settings

1.2. ICCID – if our application recommends that you use ICCID for your phone
then please edit your ICCID to match the recommendations;
If ICCID is not required then please READ the ICCID from the simcard you are
planning to use with GEVEY ( NOT the original simcard, YOUR SIMCARD ) and use that IMSI;
NEW !! If the IMSI is not required you can replace the first 2 characters of IMSI with
00 so that our GEVEY will know that you won’t want to use an IMSI while unlocking !

1.3. GID1 – only few phones are required to have a valid GID1 value.
Only use GID settings that our application recommends that or readed from an original simcard;

1.4. DELAY – the standard 25 delay should work for the majority of phones,
if you get ‘Unlock FAIL!’ message displayed no matter what you do then it’s
a good idea to change this to a different value!
Don’t use a delay bigger than 50 as will probably be too big anyway!

2. Insert GEVEY together with your simcard in a powered on phone and wait for about 2 minutes
or even more, up to 5 minutes for some phones

3. If you see the message ‘Unlock DONE!‘ then press Accept and if required go to
Carrier menu to Manually select your network !

4. If you see the message ‘Unlock FAIL !‘ then you need to take out the simcard
and put it back after a few seconds!
If again you see the message Unlock FAIL! then you should try to adjust the DELAY
value when programming the GEVEY.

5. If you have problems in using the data connection please try to make the appropriate
settings using our online application GEVEY AIO Configurator.
Visit this application using your iPhone browser !

One last request! Please post on our forum errors
regarding the GEVEY AIO Configurator.
We want to make it the most complete and correct reference tool
for your unlocking needs and we need your help !

GEVEY SIM AIO Version 3 for GEVEY AIO CUT links:

1. UpdateV3.zip
2. UpdateV3.zip
3. UpdateV3.zip
4. UpdateV3.zip
5. UpdateV3.zip

GEVEY SIM AIO Version 2 for GEVEY AIO NO CUT links:

1. NoCutUpdateV2.zip
2. NoCutUpdateV2.zip
3. NoCutUpdateV2.zip
4. NoCutUpdateV2.zip
5. NoCutUpdateV2.zip



How to use your GEVEY after FREE UPDATES are over ?
- If you have already completed FREE updates your GEVEY will be stuck in UPDATE MODE.
- If you press the Read SN button the software will read the SN from your GEVEY
and also restore your GEVEY to the last working state.
- So if your GEVEY was updated with version xx on last successful update,
by using
Read SN button you will be able again to use that version


If your GEVEY stopped updating during the
UPDATE procedure because of a FAILURE


If you do that it might render your GEVEY UNUSABLE
if the last update WAS NOT SUCCESSFUL.

So you can use this button to get your GEVEY out of UPDATE MODE only if your GEVEY
reached the maximum number of FREE updates !
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