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Default samsung wrighting phonefreeze how can i solve it

i've been seeing dis problem for long time phone freeze nd i can solve it with my nspro ,can someone enlight me,or nspro cant do the job, plzzzzzzz help me
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Default Re: samsung wrighting phonefreeze how can i solve it

Coordinator: Southern's capital reporter Jiang Ying Shuang written: Southern Reporter correspondent James Feng Li Yang last September, Chinese laborers student Wang said in a blog memorandum on the cilia, the school stadium constantly lost bags and other belongings,abercrombie france, and said that a matron suspicious. Hong Zhou quickly notify the school security office, the episode location to play ambush, when Wang was too the scene the first time namely the two suspects, and partook in the captures, as ample testify, the two suspects conceded to the police station Detention of suspects immediately. The captures took area the day of way, numerous students look, but do no know the whole process. 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