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Various AEG, Bosch/Dancall, Toshiba, Vitel, Maxon, Sendo .... and any other Phone which can't find any serving section for it......

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\icon14.gif All Haier Firmware Download & Tools

Initial Steps to Install Firmware on Haier Voyage V5

  1. Download and install MTK android USB drivers
  2. Download And Install SP Flash Tool

How To Flash Haier Voyage V5

  1. First, you need to download and install sp flash tool
  2. Download and install MTK android USB drivers
  3. Then download Firmware file/Flash file/Rom for your phone
  4. Your phone must have 50 % charging before this process
  5. switch off yourmobile remove the battery (if removable) reinsert the battery and plug the USB cable in charging socket
  6. Now open SPflash tool.exe
  7. When sp flash tool open, go to download button in sp flash tool
  8. In download tab, click on scatter load button
  9. After locating the scatter tab, click on the download button
  10. Now connect your smart phone with a USB cable and press volume up or volume down key for easy detection (remove and re insert your phone battery if it is removable)
  11. Now flashing is completed, a green ring will appear in sp flash tool
  12. Close sp flash tool on your computer and unplug phone
  13. Power on the phone and enjoy
  14. After flashing process starts and might take up to 5-10 minutes. So keep patience and wait.

  15. I50 PK s001 (SP tool) Download
    I50 IT s010 (SP tool) Download
    I50 IT s011 (SP tool) Download
    G31 H02 s007 (SP tool) Download

All Download Haier Firmware

HL-6370T~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

E858 20141020~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

E757 H01 s06 (Miracle Box)~~~~~~~: Download

E718 v0 08 (Miracle Box)~~~~~~~~~: Download

E720 v2 06 (Miracle box)~~~~~~~~~: Download

Esteem V4 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

HT-A6 H01 s012 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~: Download

HT-A6 H02 s013 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~: Download

HM G351 FL (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

HL Y500 Lewa (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~: Download

HL 6373T (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

G51 v002 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

G30 H01 s011 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~: Download

E451 s001 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

6190W H01 s01 Lollipop (SP tool) ~~: Download

E621 v3 (Miracle Box)~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

6180W H02 s04~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

6180W RU s05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

HM N501 FL 20151106 (SP tool)~~~~: Download

ZIO X5 H01 s003 (SPD tool)~~~~~~~: Download

Y102 20151113 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W717 3G 4.4.2 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716 Movistar (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~: Download

Pad G781 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

Pad Mini 782 v1.4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

L53 H08 s008 Lollipop (SP tool) ~~~~: Download

HT X50 v1.2 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

HT A8 v4.1 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

HT I589 T820 s08 (SPD tool) ~~~~~~: Download

I619 v09 (SPD tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

I50 IT s012 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

L52 v12 Lollipop (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~: Download

L61 v1 04 Lollipop (QPST tool)~~~~~: Download

L901 H02 s11~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

Maxx 20140428~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

L50 6171E v02 (Miracle box)~~~~~~~~: Download

L32 Lollipop (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

P867 140417 (SP tool)~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

T750W 20140507 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~: Download

Y716 w726 s02 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W870 s001 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W970 H01 s04 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W910 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W867 EUR s22 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W867 w830 s15 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W867 w830 s20 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W867 w830 s21 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W867 w830 s02 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W861 20141105 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W861 H01 s004 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W861 OTA (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W861 VE (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W860 4.2.1 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W860 H01 s005 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W858S H01 s003 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W858 H01 s012 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W858 H01 s013 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W858 v2.3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W852 MP 4.2.2 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W852 v005 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W818 v008 (Miracle box) ~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W816 4.4.2 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

H01 s002 v02 Lollipop (SP tool) ~~~~~~: Download

W826 H01 s003 FR (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~: Download

W757 v010 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W719 w727d s006 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~: Download

W719 w727d s012 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W719 w727d s013 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W618 SC7715 (SPD tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W718J v013 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W718J 4.4.2 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W718J v005 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W717 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W717 v01 1010 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716s Ger s001 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716s Ger s004 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716s MTS s003 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716s RU s002 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716s RU s007 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716s VN s001 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716s VN s002 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716s TR s002 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716 FR s04 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716 TW s01 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716 PK s02 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W716 VE s11 (SP tool) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

W701 H01 s002 (SP tool)~~~~~~~~~~~~~: Download

Voyage V5 Lollipop (SP tool) Download

I70 EU v14 (SP tool) Download

I70 PK v12 (SP tool) Download

I50 ES s003 Lollipop (SP tool) Download

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